The Assessment takes approximately 20 minutes to fill if the following information is readily available:

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  • Required Investment Amount


Team (All Founding Members only):


  • Academic Background of each founder
  • Work Experience profile of each founder


Market (For a credible end score, please use only reputable sources):


  • Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM) size
  • % of SAM that can be obtained
  • Market Growth Rate over the short term

Traction (please ensure information is up-to-date):


No Traction? No problem! Our assessment works even with pre-prototype companies and will adjust accordingly.


  • Capital Invested to date
  • Total number of transactions to date
  • Total number of unique customers
  • Average price charged (i.e. ticket size)
  • Latest monthly gross revenue
  • Total Operating expenses to date
  • Total Capital Expenditure to date
  • Retention Ratio (%)
  • Average M-o-M Growth (%)
  • Average usage period per customer
  • Latest monthly PAID marketing expenses
  • Number of customers gained from paid marketing in the last month

Note: We understand your information is confidential and we will never share any of it without your prior consent.

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